Don't make the same mistake I did on your Ramp Test

I’ve done 16 ramp tests and have gotten quite “good” at them. I have my routine, my comforts, etc. The mistake I made today was totally a loss of awareness when oxygen to my brain was lacking. I was feeling good throughout. I looked up for the first time at 18:47, which I considered a solid effort so far. When I looked up, I noticed the Live FTP menu wasn’t visible and for some reason felt that was important. At around 19:15 I put my hand on the mouse to expand that and in that unintentionally dropped my power just slightly below target for a bit. At around 19:30 the wall hit, but because I had fiddled with that stupid stats button, I made it to 19:46 without any gain in FTP. Ultimately, ended with the same FTP I had before, but could have at least had 4 or 5 points if I had stayed focused in that final minute.

Ya that’s tough, I know how you feel. Don’t beat yourself up over it though. When you’re that deep into a ramp test and running on all cylinders stuff just happens sometimes. It’s just an assessment so why not give yourself the FTP bump you feel you earned and move on. Congrats, you’ve earned the fitness!

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What makes it worse is that I was going for 4 w/kg+. Right now at 302 FTP and ~76kg which is about 3.96. Just about any bump would have put me over the threshold. Loss of focus can cost you.

Do it again in a couple of days?

Thought about it, and I did just that on the last test I took when I didn’t feel like I did my best, but this time I think I’ll let it go.

Hey! Don’t be afraid to manually edit your FTP in an instance like this, especially when you know that you’re getting faster and making gains! From, you can go to your ‘Account’, then ‘Profile’ to manually increase your FTP by a few watts, then ‘Save’. It might be a good measure to ensure your workouts are better suited to your current fitness, and of course to ensure you stay challenged! :metal: :fire:


why not just increase your ftp a few points and give it a go? You clearly think you would have made it. Who cares? You seem to know how your feel and your ability. What am I missing?

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Yes done plenty and know stopping/making it to 19:30 doesn’t always give you the same FTP.

I would care if it was me, but everyone is different and in the realms of equipment tolerances he could already be over 4w/kg. The OP could be a bit like myself and feel you have to ‘earn’ that FTP in a ramp test/assessment. You do a weigh in, you hit the power targets and get to 4w/kg. There is a certain satisfaction in it, I would miss that. By just rolling it up, although it could be correct won’t feel the same. I do often roll it down and have rolled it up in the past when I haven’t felt like doing tests. Must admit that I like earning my number.

I’m sure @russell.r.sage will nail it next time, I’m still trying to get to 4w/kg and take a well done/kudos from me when you do hit it.

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you have it right.