Ramp test distance and speed

I had a successful Ramp Test this morning, however the speed seems to be the same throughout the test which does not seem correct. The test shows that I covered 10.9 km, but there is no measure of distance per segment. Without the correct speed it is impossible to measure the distance per minute/segment. The speed locks in at about 26kph for almost entire test.

Speed and distance are often misleading in ERG. It’s best to ignore it really.

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The trainer sends speed data according to the flywheel speed, so at the same wattage lower gear = slower and higher gear = faster. The only way to get a somewhat reliable speed reading is to build speed calculation based on wattage and weight.

Honestly i don’t take this two parameters in consideration

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Technically you covered 0.0 miles


At zero miles per hour.

If you’re worried about speed and distance go and ride you bike outside.


Unless you changed cadence and/or gearing, the measured speed will remain constant. There is no “ virtual speed” calculation in TR like in Zwift, for example.

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For Wahoo devices, in the Wahoo app there is Erg Mode Speed Simulation. When this is turned on the speed and distance is relative to your power/watts and not gears or flywheel speed. So when uploaded to Strava you will get distance and speed that is close to riding outside on a smooth flat road with no wind. Compared to my outdoor rides it’s “close enough” to be fairly representative.

My ramp test yesterday had a NP of 240, max power 402, covering 7.67 miles with an avg speed of 18.3 mi/h and max speed of 24.8 mi/h. My “speed” graph tracked linearly with each increase in power aside from my cadence. That being said, speed and mileage is not a good metric to keep track of and Iike others have said, it’s kind of irrelevant.