Wahoo kickr and inaccurate distance readings

any ideas why my kicker only registered 3.6 miles for a 1 and a half hour ride on TR {palisade}? First time it’s happened. It was the hardest 3.6 miles i’ve ever done!

If you are using ERG mode, and low gearing, it gives short distance and slow speed.

Strange if this happened suddenly with no other changes to settings.

Could be the wheel circumference setting in the Wahoo. Check that it is set properly.

Then you can also try using the setting in the Wahoo to compute speed based on power, rather than flywheel speed.


That’s 2.4 mph.

Bruh, why so slow? Hurry up.


I had the opposite… superfast… at some point the data showed me 50.000+ kph… to the moooooooooon!
Was quite motivating, but eventually i set the wheel circumfence right and there we are back snailing around.

Ha! Ya normally: i’m way past 3 MPH

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mrpedro Thanks for the tip It was definitely the wheel circumference For some reason i had it at 700 thinking of 700c wheels Corrected it and it’s working fine.

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I have the same issue! What did you do to the settings to correct it? I’m also having an issue with the power matching and maintaining the prescribed wats in ERG. What is shown is the actual power I’m producing. It was working for years and all of a sudden it changed! And ideas on how to correct it?

Hello; What i did was google the wheel circumference for my wahoo trainer. There was a whole list of wheel sizes listed. I picked what i was using on the bike {tires} in this case 28mm. it provided the wheel circumference. Then in trainer road go to general settings and set the wheel circumference there. in my case it was 2136. Not sure about your power settings. Maybe reset your FTP and make sure it’s actually on erg mode. Good Luck!

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how far did you actually travel during that ride

seems like it registered 3.6 too many miles :innocent:

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Not sure. Time wise it was 1.5 hrs so it was closer to 20 miles than 3.6

i’m just messing with you

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