Distance measurement changes

Hi… I have been using TrainerRoad for a few years and have had consistent distance for the rides. I know it is a false measure and actually means nothing, but I have set goals each year for the past 9 years based on distance and it is always close so the km gained from TR count. I do 30% of my riding indoors. In the last couple of weeks these have been significantly shorter, nothing else has intentionally changed in my set up and the kms from other apps has been consistent. I have not subscribed to the distance option in TR

Anyone else had this experience or something changed ?

I don’t know of any changes other than the new distance estimation from power readings which you say you dont use?

If you want consistant distance I would use that option to be honest - if you dont the distance is a bit worthless like you say.

I dont use TR’s version but I do use the wahoo kickr version of distance estimation which I find quite realistic.


They did change it, however, I thought you had to opt in as it was early access. Now that I look though, it’s gone. Maybe it got pushed to everyone recently?

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Here is the related support article for where to set or review the setting.

Probably worth a double-check to see what is in place.



Everything for me is 17-18 mph (erg mode) regardless of how easy or hard the workout is.

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Idk TRs algorithm, but when I ride ERG off of my hammer, speed is determined by the gearing based off flywheel speed. So depending on what gear ratio you choose, the cadence determines speed regardless of watts


Yep so that will be “device speed” usually the device/trainer will just generate a number based on the flywheel speed - in ERG mode if you keep the same cadence the speed will be the same irrespective of power output.

Much better to have the speed be releated to the power in my opinion - such is the case for TRs “virtual speed”.

I have my strava sync setting in TR set to “device speed” only because my device (kickr) can be set to generate wahoos version of what TR call virtual speed.