2018 Wahoo Kickr speed on TR

Hi all,

I noticed yesterday that TR was showing my speed at 22.2 MPH when I was just putting in 95 watts (was on a warmup). How accurate is that?

I’m using a 2018 Wahoo Kickr (with no flywheel issues) and I’m using the power from the Kickr itself.


  • Essentially, if you are using ERG, your speed and distance will vary if you are using:
    • High gearing (50x11) will show faster speed and longer distance.
    • Low gearing (34x28) will show slower speed and shorter distance.
    • Other gearing between will be between those above.
    • Based on your comment, I and guessing that you are using a higher gearing option.
  • Speed and Distance are essentially worthless when using ERG mode.

Thanks for the link!

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