Ramp test default mode

Just trying to find out what the default mode (erg or resistance) is for the ramp test. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that TrainerRoad switches to resistance for the Ramp test.

I do all my training in erg mode on a KICKR

ERG is the default for a ramp, you must have mis read , it switches to Resistance mode on a 20mins FTP test.


Correct, the switch is for the regular 20 minute FTP test, and it also switches to RES mode for the 8 minute test segment in the 2x8 minute FTP test.

The Ramp test does no switching and will likely default to ERG mode. That is quickly swapped after starting the workout from the quick access menu on mobile, or right on screen for Win/Mac.

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I have never used mine in resistance mode. So I would have to say ERG is the default mode :joy:

I also found the answer https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006903031-Ramp-Test-FAQs