Can anyone masticate and spit out for me the difference between ERG mode and RESISTANCE please?

I have been using my Kickr Snap in ERG mode for nearly a year. I have only just read that you should be taking your FTP Ramp Test in resistance mode, then it’s recommended you do your training in ERG mode as you don’t have to concentrate much. I am aware that in ERG, the slower you pedal the more resistance the machine generates so you are keeping to your target power. In resistance mode you will have to shift gears or pedal faster to generate the higher power target numbers.

That’s all I understand. In this 5 minutes I am really enjoying resistance mode although you need more brain power to stay on target which isn’t mindfully as relaxing, but I find it physically more enjoyable. I am just worried I am losing out on the quality of the workout.

I thought you needed standard mode which simulates a fluid trainer curve…resistance mode simulates a magnetic resistance which is linear. Lately I have been using my snap in erg mode with power smoothing turned off in the wahoo app…this feels, to me, the most realistic.

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i always use my powertap pedals for my powersource. For consistency I’ll do my ramp tests on my Road Machine fliud turbo, with 120PSI in the tyre. But I’ll train on my smart trainer, on Zwift in resistance mode. I find it engages my brain a little more than ERG mode.

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If you are using the new ramp test for FTP, leave your machine in ERG mode as per this post:

“ Should I do this test in ERG mode?

If you have a smart trainer we recommend that you do the test in ERG mode (default). A smart trainer is not required and those doing the test in ERG mode do not have an advantage over individuals on a traditional trainer.l


Erg mode: TrainerRoad will set your trainer’s resistance so that you are putting out the required power regardless of your cadence, you just have to pedal.

Resistance mode: Power will be proportional to your rear wheel speed and it’s up to your to adjust your cadence and gearing such that you are putting out the power that TrainerRoad is asking.

The quality of the workout shouldn’t be any different (as long as you can hit the power required in resistance mode and don’t get lazy).

Recommendation is to do the new ramp test in erg mode, but you need to do the old 8 and 20 minute tests in resistance.

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Yesterday I did Lamarck (4x10 at ftp) and the instructions said I should use resistance mode, not ERG. Since I’ve always used ERG, I just left it that way. It was very hard, of course.

My question is: why resistance? If I have to set the amount of resistance, isn’t it the same as changing the intensity during the workout in ERG mode?

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Just leave in it in ERG mode - it lets you concentrate on hitting the numbers and not messing with gears!

Not always true but mostly :wink::relaxed:

Erg or resistance mode for a workout like The Priest?

Erg mode for everything for me.

Resistance mode would be too tempting to drop 20watts when I’m suffering.

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