Ramp test clips (Videos)

What motivational videos do you guys watch for a ramp test? On my last test I watched a you tube clip of Lance attacking on Sestriere in the ‘99 tdf. There is a This Will Destroy You song playing over the commentary. Very inspirational despite the EPO. I started it 11 minutes into the test which worked well.

Anyone know of any similar clips of great attacks etc?


I am bringing this post back to live. It has been some time and maybe now people have better videos to watch while doing the Ramp Test?
I like to put my own music but i really like watching some awesome bike races at the same time. Anybody have some good videos?

One Day In Mexico: Part 3 - The Descent - YouTube

This will get you a good result on your ramp test, but it’s probably not a good idea to watch unless you’re planning to stay indoors.

(Edit: that one’s probably not long enough. There are some longer ones on that channel)

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I have been several times looking for inspirational videos and I prefer POV videos and specially comments close the gap and similar incitements:

On my last Ramp Test, I used this video from @Nate_Pearson racing. This is a great race in which he lauches a bridge to the leading pack, then sits on their wheel for a bit and finally proceeds to beat them on a sprint to the finish.
If you start the video around the 34:00 mark, you have just started a big bridge effort to reach out to the leading pack and will reach them about when the test starts to get hard. You will be on a 1 on 1 race to the finish right at 19:30 into the test (matching your FTP) and will win the race around 20 minutes or so which should give you a pretty good increase on your FTP. Of course you can adjust the start time to make sure it ends on the line where you think you will end your test.

I use this and music as motivation.