Ramp test and FTP results

i did my ramp test this past week… results put me at 225 FTP 2.25/kg which im unsure about!!! i do feel i put in my best effort… but when i started 1st work out i struggle to hold recommended power zones. to get through workout i lowered intensity to 80%.
Should i continue to lower the intensity per workout as needed or just lower FTP?

which workout did you do? are you following one of the SSB plans?

Lower FTP by 5% and see if that’s enough. If you lower any workouts by 20% you have missed the intended effect of the workout. If you consistently lower works more than 2-5%, lower your FTP. If interval workouts are too easy with the new lower FTP midway through a workout, simply INCREASE intensity. If you’re constantly increasing intensity, then bump up your FTP a bit.

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Awesome… thank you for the input…

that was with the mount field workout…