Manually Adjust FTP Down?

First FTP test: 100
Second FTP test (7 weeks in, after SSBLV1): 130

This feels too high, really struggled and had to reduce Ebbetts (1st workout in SSBLV2) intensity a few days ago and know that the rest of SSBLV2 only gets “harder”.


  1. Change FTP manually to be maybe 115 and adjust up/down if I complete/fail future workouts until I hit a sweetspot.
  2. Continue to fail SSBLV2 workouts but hopefully gain something each time and “fail” by less each time
  3. Revert to old FTP + a little bit and wait for end of SSBLV2 to retest again?


Adjust your FTP (or workout intensity) down until you’re comfortable completing the workouts. You’ll see more gains completing 100% of the workouts at a lower intensity than completing 50% of them at the tested FTP. Don’t be a slave to the number, adjust to achieve consistency, the results will still come.


Was coming here this morning to post the very same, last test for me was 57 higher and failed all four of this week’s planned workouts. None of those going any higher than 94%FTP
So going to go half way and then if I feel I need to increase a workout retest. Consistency is way higher priority than killing myself

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If you can I would share link to your ramp test and also on your cycling background. Ebbetts contains several short bursts so it’s possible that those taxed you more than your current fitness level is capable of. Hard to say lowering your ftp is the right move without more information

So wouldn’t this put the ramp test protocol into question? If it overestimates, then surely a tweak is necessary?

It’s targeted to the meat of the bell curve, so it’s accurate for the majority of users. I think TR used several thousand sets of user data to set it up, if I remember correctly. So, if you’re on the tails of the curve, your FTP could be either over- or underestimated by the ramp test.

I had to cut my last ramp test result manually by 5%. It was a guess initially, but subsequent workouts showed that cut to be spot-on (meaning I could now complete the hardest workouts 100%, but just barely).

Of course:
1st ramp -
2nd ramp -
Ebbetts -

30yo, 6’0, 178lbs, fairly athletic background, but never excelled.
Traithlete (Only and HIM distance) mainly from 2013-2017, did one cat4 crit in 2018 but got dropped 2/3rds into race. At this point I was running a TR virtual power FTP of about 200 but never trusted the numbers absolute value, just used it as a training base.
2018-2020 no biking whatsoever, mainly running but put on baby weight and lost fitness.
Started back on TR late Dec '19 and ramp test gave 103 (again, not convinced about absolute value, but just wanted a base to align training from) and followed SSB1 LV and retested last week to get 130.

I would lower your FTP to a bit less than you think you are honestly capable of doing. You want to complete your workouts and get your confidence up. Who wants to approach a workout thinking you are going to fail? If the workouts feel a bit too easy - over/unders, not the sweet spot, them raise it a bit.

A big part of training is mental, and wanting to do the training. This is how you become consistent. Consistency is likely your best indicator of success! So do things that give you the best chance of consistently finishing your workouts. Worry about sitting on the ‘knifes edge’ later.


looking at your workouts it looks like it could be a matter of your ftp being a bit higher than your aerobic engine can drive. I would try dropping ftp by 5% and seeing how subsequent workouts go. If you find you are nailing them then bump up by a couple percent after a couple weeks.

Looks like in the 3rd block the bursts started to take a toll on you. Which is why I think it is just your muscular endurance right now