FTP Increase mid way through SSb I

As I had been off the bike for ~2months I had no clue where my ftp would be so I went for a ramp test.
FTP tested at 215Watts, 63kg.
I’m now almost finishing week 3 of SSB I.

As I was doing the Carillon +2 yesterday (3 sets of 2x10 minutes sweestpot 88-90%), I thought I’d add a little 5 minute test because the workouts have been feeling rather easy.
I finished the 10 minute interval at 245 watts (115% FTP) with 5 minutes at 295 watts(137% FTP). Without having any problem finishing the other intervals.

Is the ramp test greatly underrestimating my ftp or have I really improven that much in only 3 weeks?

Should I stop with the plan right away and restart it?

Fitness can come back pretty quickly with some structured training. 30W is feasible in the situation you describe.
Rather than restarting from scratch, I’d just substitute in a new ramp test for your next workout, and then continue on in the plan with that new FTP.


Thanks for the reply guys.
I’ll definitely restart the plan to get accustomed to the ‘higher’ sweetspot

The day of making this topic I did the Petit workout, yesterday a restday and got the test in today.

277Watts @20minutes. An increase of 48 watts in FTP.