Racing season in the making

Hi all,

How do you guys usually plan your racing season? I am doing my first race in April (Mallorca 312, the short course), but that’s how far I’ve gone building my race calendar :slight_smile: Is there any site/app (other than Google) you guys use that help you doing this, easily finding interesting races, reviews, logistics, etc.?

If you’re UK based, you can use the British Cycling Event Calendar to help you see what’s going on. If you’re a BC Member, you can save the events to your Dashboard and start to build a plan/season from there.

Of course this is limited to BC sanctioned events only.

No, I am not based in the UK. Thanks anyway…

I am interested about races in Europe, I’ve heard of the top races but was wondering if there is anything like a good directory of races in different countries. I like going abroad for races and planning a few extra holidays around it, that’s why.

I was also wondering if others use the official race website as the main source of info or whether there is something better. The websites for some races are really poor and they usually just get updated before the race.