RaceDay.icu - find races, plan your season, analyse competitors [UK]

To stem the boredom of base training ( :upside_down_face: ) I’ve been working on a tool for helping find races, planing seasons, and getting updates about events & results - https://raceday.icu

I’ve found the British Cycling website makes it difficult to discover races (especially before they fill up). Getting the latest info on events requires refreshing various Facebook/Instagram/BC pages in the hope they’ve been updated (if you happen to know of them). Then, finding any photos requires knowing which photographers were at an event & their portfolio/social media.

RaceDay is a (fully free) platform that aims to connect athletes, photographers & event organisers, and provide useful tools to help make races more accessible and less stressful.

So far this is just a little side project that solves some pain points I had personally last season. With the upcoming race season, I thought it’d be good to share.

Current features:

  • Events finder
    • Browse upcoming events using quick search & filters (e.g. London Crits, women’s road races)
    • Get email alerts when new events are added that match saved searches (e.g. local crits, national road)
    • Calendar/map views to give more context on the races
    • All events from British Cycling, MBCR, TLI, and RiderHQ in 1 place
  • Season planner
    • Automatically sync with the events you’ve entered via British Cycling
    • Highlight upcoming races & their important info (start times, travel times & directions, course/track stats)
    • Results tracking & email alerts when new results are added
  • Athlete search
    • Find athletes by name/club
    • View past results (currently 2021/22 season only)


  • Event photos - centralised place to find all photos from a race/event
  • Event posts, Q&As. See latest updates from event organisers, ask questions etc
  • Sync season calendars with friends/team, and to training peaks/google etc
  • Competitor analysis/comparison - ZwiftPower style
  • Sync with TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, Intervals.icu

I’d love to get some feedback, ideas & feature requests now some of the basic functionality is in place & ready to be built upon.


This looks bloody useful - thanks for sharing!
I’ll have a play and let you know

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This is excellent - thank you very much for taking the time to put this together and sharing it! Just what I was after to start to start looking at events for the year.

Glad you’ve found it useful. Feel free to ping me any feedback, ideas or feature requests. Currently working on adding CTT races & syncing with intervals.icu/TR/TP


Looks great so far - only thing that I’ve thought would be helpful is a quick way to see the number of entrants for each upcoming race against the maximum number. Good to know if a race is likely to be called off/full so no point in a friend coming along on the day.

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Will do. Have shared the link with some discord communities and friends so hopefully you start to see some traffic. Will garner any feedback I can :+1:

This is great! Thank you.

It would be really cool to be able to have a holistic view of your entire club, past results and upcoming races - similar to the rider search feature but club-wide - perhaps even a calendar view of all club members races where you could see who has entered what?

Also less important but might be useful for some, would be the ability to export the calendar, e.g. a link to the .ics so you could import to google cal or intervals.icu.

Keep up the good work!

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Will have to have a look, thanks!

Something useful to clubs would be being able to search entries and results by club/team, so you could easily find results from club members from the last month or so. Or, with entries, see if anyone from your club has entered any races, so you can team up.


Awesome :sunglasses:

This is a super helpful tool, thank you for your efforts :+1:t2:

He’s already got that (almost) - open up an event or series and to the right is “Places left”. While you don’t have the limit that’s not really needed.

Further to the club idea, it would be useful to have an API such that club websites can have the data as well. I’ve done this for historical data of a running challenge I help administer.

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Unfortunately I don’t see that info on upcoming races:

Might depend on which view you are using then. The default page shows this for the same event:

Yeah - unfortunately it limits the value of the upcoming race feed if you have to go back and find the original event each time to check the entrants.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add the race details (entrants, places left etc) to the Upcoming Races view asap

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Thanks - appreciated!

Looks great. A way to automatically link up events that are part of a series would be handy - eg, you click on a race that’s part of a series and it shows you the others at the bottom of the page (if you haven’t already thought of that). For CTT races, are you including club/B-type events too?

OK if I share this on timetriallingforum.co.uk?

Edit: I’ve just noticed that you have cyclo-cross twice on the Event Type list (“Cyclo-Cross” and “Cyclo-cross”), but with a completely different set of events.

Hey - i don’t seem to be able to make an account then log in to it.
looks like i’m getting an auth network error, but it flashes up so quickly it’s difficult to diagnose what the issue is.
would be nice to have a play with some of the “must be logged in” features!


Hey mate - sorry about this, just looking into now. Could you try sign up on the season page RaceDay ?

Nope still not letting me in unfortunately.
Maybe I’m half-regsitered? if my details are on there, you could delete so i can try and reregister? my email is simon******sh [at] gmail

I’m finding that a lot of events (results) that are on BC don’t show up in the search. Any idea why?