Race Openers on Plan Builder - When to Perform?

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After completing SSBLV I and getting pretty far into SSBLV II, I decided to switch over to Plan Builder, as it seems to be all the rage. I’ve got a few races planned throughout the year, and I selected to have it include openers for races. My question, which may be pretty simple is… when do I perform these openers?

It schedules them the day before the race. And, that seems fine for an abbreviated, taper week workout. But, the descriptions on them make them sound like race warmups. For example, I have Pahrah prescribed the day before a cyclocross race. But, am I rather supposed to do it right before the race as a warmup?

And, if so, how long before the race start time do you tend to do these warmups?


Plan Builder did the same for me adding Pahrah the day before a cross race. The description says pre-race so…I don’t know. My favorite day before leg opener is Truuli Peak -1. They have a few different versions but the -1 did it for me.

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I just looked it up, and that (Truuli Peak -1) does look like a good opener. I’ll have to give it a shot! Thanks!

Pahrah, which it scheduled for me as a day before opener, is probably fine as such, but the description of the workout says “is a pre-race warmup”. Hence, my confusion, do I do it 24 hours ahead, or 24 minutes ahead of my race?

I mean, I’ve done races before I ever started TR, so it’s not like I’m going to be wallowing around in the dark here, screaming to the heavens about my lack of a warmup… I may very well add Truuli Peak -1 as my opener, and then do Pahrah as my event warmup (assuming I buy a head unit where I can import workouts!).


Was looking it up on this too and found above article


Yep as @m1muiz linked: openers 24 hours before your race start. Also, finish your warm up within 1 hour of your race start (ideally less).

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