Rab Wardell Death

Tragic news of Rab Wardell passing away two days after winning the Scottish XC championship Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after winning Scottish title - BBC News

Some of you may know Rab from the West Highland Way record video sponsored by Wahoo that was released last year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a watch West Highland Way: Rab Wardell's Record Attempt - YouTube Rab was a decorated racer over many years, including representing Scotland in the Commonwealth Games.

Rab genuinely seemed like one of the good guys - thoughts are with his family and friends. Unsurprisingly considering his standing and popularity, there’s been shock and a flood of tributes from riders in Scotland and further afield.

On a personal note, these incidents where people go to bed seemingly fine and suddenly pass away always hit me emotionally and help put things into perspective. I’m going to ride my bike this weekend thinking of Rab.


I was just reading this on the bbc news website this morning. Such sad news.

Its all over my faceboke; unbelievable. I’ve only ridden with him once but followed him on social media and he always looked so happy; especially a couple of days ago. I’d just clicked like on one of his happy BBC Nine posts before I scrolled down and saw the terrible news on another friends timeline :sob:

Very sad… RIP…do they know yet why it happened? Underlying health condition? It always shocks me when this happens to a high level athlete and to a certain extent is concerning for all of us who push ourselves week in week out.

The latest news doesn’t get any better. This is the tweet from his partner, Katie Archibald, one of the best female cyclists in the world:


Very sad. One of the best films in YouTube are wahoos old enough to know better. He was so down to earth guy with so much passion.

Rest in peace.

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Unbelievably sad. Can’t quite believe it - thoughts go to family and close friends. Will be thinking of him in the coming days on the bike.

Sad to hear about. I had the pleasure of taking a guided MTB trip to Scotland in 2019 and Rab rode with us for a couple of days. Super nice guy and a stud on the bike.


Incredibly sad news, I’m still coming to terms with it slightly, having been at Kirroughtree on Sunday where he took the win.
Rab was a genuinely nice guy, and a constant presence on the Scottish Cycling scene over the past decades. He will be deeply missed.
Taught me how to properly dismount and remount a cyclocross bike, so I will be thinking of him when the season kicks off.


Incredibly sad news. That post by Katie Archibald is heartbreaking.


Goes to show how fleeting life can be. So terrible for his loved ones.

I wonder if it was the effort of the race mixed with something else that was the cause. I think most people on this forum have been wrecked for a few days after an effort like that. Couple that with a heart condition or maybe some medication?

Just terrible. The poor family.

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Absolutely awful

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According to his Instagram account, he had just recovered from Covid 10 or so weeks ago. It does make you question whether or not his cardiac arrest is correlated in any way.

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