Racing in Scotland

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any bike races in Scotland, preferably around the Lothian areas? I’m based in Livingston.

I’m a long course triathlete and would like to give crit and TTs ago.

I’ve had a quick look online but can’t really see much, only a few sportives.

Thanks for your help

The calendar is a bit thin here and has got thinner since the start of the pandemic. Spokes RT run most of the events at the Lochgelly Circuit which isn’t too far away from you (second Season Starter event is this Sunday). It’s also not uncommon to see central belt racers travelling to the Carlisle circuit for races - they’ve just put up a facebook post asking for volunteers for the season so I expect they’ll start advertising their races soon, but at the moment it looks like just youth stuff and coaching days. Some of the bigger ‘fixture’ events through the Spring and summer are already up on the BC website, but small stuff is just starting to go live now.

All mass start road stuff should be listed on the British Cycling events page and there’s a decent (if slightly confusing to set up) tool to save your search criteria based on event type, location, etc. I’ve got mine set with a radius that I know includes both Lochgelly and Carlisle. Only exception to BC events is probably the Rothesay races run by Bute Wheelers, but that’s in September. And of course time trials and hill climbs are going to be on the CTT website rather than BC. TT scene is much healthier but has also seen a knock since 2020.

Fortunately for you the new West Lothian cycle circuit is nearing completion and should soon become your local crit course. Not sure who is going to run the events there though. Have a search and you should at least find a facebook page if not a full website.

If you’re going off road then the game changes entirely, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re looking for.

Im a bit out of the picture now but ERC used to run events SBC, DCC and Spokes RT in that area that I know of (theres probably other clubs too). Check out the BC events page Events - Events ( or the club pages.

The B.C. page can be frustrating even when you know exactly what your looking for but thats probably going to be your best start.

the TLI calendar is quite healthy around the north west of england and the racing is a bit more accesible than BC though it is age grouped rather than ability so you could end up going against some hitters, but thats part of the fun

again depending on your age BMRC might be worth a look, over 40’s only though. They run some great looking events that i’ve had club mates race (i’m still too young)

some times finding local facebook groups for cycling are the best way to find races

that’s a massive help - thank you.

Entries closed on Tuesday for this weekend season starter - I contacted spokes RT and they said I can race in the cat 4.

I’m also planning to head out with West Lothian Clarion on Saturday who host west lothian crits.

The CTT website is confusing, that’s mainly from all the abbreviations!

Thanks again for the advice!

My old club just posted this in the private group, screen shotted:

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Pedal Power at West Calder might be able to help or point you to someone who can help… they do group nights on a Tuesday in case you aren’t aware? (maybe just decent weather/Spring to Autumn)

I’ve had a look too, and the only thing I’ve seen local is an 85miler at Strathaven.

It’s really dramatic how much RRs and crits have dropped off since Covid. Are there any BMRC races in Scotland?

I’m the secretary of a north Scotland club and did something similar to your old club mates here Events | moray firth cycling club

There are a few issues like fewer commissaries and timekeepers to help run races, Scottish Cycling to their credit are trying to run courses where there is demand but I think the conversion rate of perceived demand to people signing up for training is poor.

It is a lot of work to do an entirely new risk assessment for a road race course, whereas TTs are more straightforward. This is also why you see the same races pop up again and again, or disappear for a few years and then being resurrected, as there are local club members who can refresh the risk assessment and pick up the threads of previous events.

In the north there is a new TT series across 16 or so varied events, with some new events and a few staples being pulled together and organised by someone at Elgin CC.

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ah amazing. thank you for sharing! there lots to get my head round with bike racing, mostly all the acronyms!!

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