RIP, Richard Moore from The Cycling Podcast….awful news

Horrible news….no word on cause of death yet.

He was the backbone of the best podcast out there for cycling fans.

Peace to his friends and family.


Couple of quick articles from this search:

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Sad news. Can’t recommend his bio of Robert Millar highly enough. A terrific read.


Saw the news on Twitter this morning. Sad. Just sad. Such a loss for the cycling community. Through the podcast he has been a part of my life for years. I’ve even followed entire Grand Tours without watching a single stage on TV. And got thoroughly entertained. Thank you Richard Moore.


This is sad news. Im a big fan of Richard and the podcast. He will definitely be missed in that regard.


It’s truly devastating news. The Cycling Podcast was the first place I ever heard of TrainerRoad, and like thousands and thousands of others, I’ve been a devoted listener for years and feel like I’ve lost a friend. But it’s a really just an absolutely enormous loss for all of cycling, and of course, for his friends and family.


Geezus, 49 years old. This really saddens me. I so look forward to their race reports on The Cycling Podcast.

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Awful news. RIP.

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Same here; saw it on twitter this morning. incredibly sad! :frowning: I love the cycling podcast!

Yeah, it’s absolutely devastating. I had the priviledge of meeting him when he interviewed me for a newspaper article he was writing in 2007. He had just finished writing Robert Millar and was in the process of researching Heroes, Villians and Velodromes. He was exactly the character you hear on the podcasts; thoughtful, light-hearted and self-effacing. It’s hard to imagine my training rides without his commentary in my headphones… so sad. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Awful news, I’ll certainly miss him on TCP…

I came across this recent interview with Richard. In itself very interesting but in the context of recent news takes on a different meaning….

No thats terrible news.

The thread about the end of the Zwiftcast reminded me that The Cycling Podcast posted a memorial pod for Richard Moore today. They asked Seb Piquet to host it, which was a brilliant choice, IMO. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but Seb smartly stays in the background and let’s Lionel and Daniel tell their stories.


I’m not going to lie, this hit me way harder than i thought it would. I generally listen to the podcast going to and from work and the team has become part of my ritual and it’s left a hole not to hear the Buffalo each morning. I listened to his last episode and he was talking about riding hills near home…what went wrong. RIP.