Jordie Lunn — A Tragic Loss (RIP)

My wife just alerted me to the unbelievable news of the death of MTB/free ride legend Jordie Lunn.

An immensely sad and tragic loss. His huge talent and spirit will leave an unfillable void.

Ride on, homeboy. :v::canada:

(For the uninitiated, last year Jordie was a GCN Xtreme Corner feature — the dude who rode down a tree…yes, you read that correctly.)


That is so sad to read

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I never met the man, even though we lived in the same city, I only knew him through friends and acquaintances. Never heard a bad word spoken about him…crazy words, yes, but never bad.

For a person to put that much time and effort into building all those wild trails, you know he had a ton of passion and love for both the sport and life.

Plus his dog was always along for the rides. :+1:

Heartbreaking loss. His runs are legendary, just a decent human gone too soon.

Was just reading and thinking about a very weird connection concerning two other fallen local bike sensations.

Steve Smith (2013 DH World Cup winner) dies in 2016.
Jordie helps build the Steve Smith memorial bike park.
Canadian BMX phenom Aidan Webber wins the Steve Smith memorial award.
Both Webber and Lunn died this year.

I guess Steve was getting lonely and needed some quality riding buddies. It’s just too crazy to think that so much talent came out of one little geographical pocket and within a very short time it’s wiped out.

Lots to give thanks for during this Canadian Thanksgiving. :v: