Question about Polarized base mid volume time…

I see that Polarized base mid volume only has 5:30 tome average per week. That’s correct? Comparing with SSB, it looks is short time…

The 8-week version goes higher (7-8h)
The 6-week version i guess doesn’t have time to ramp up to that!?
SSB1 goes up to 6h and so does SSB2

  • Not when I open it up. Here are the weekly time summaries I see:
  1. 5:15
  2. 6:20
  3. 5:35
  4. 6:05
  5. 7:50
  6. 6:45

My rough math sets that at 6:20 average or so, for all 6 weeks. Do note that this may vary a bit with each user, as TR shows a unique “default” plan that is set based upon their current Progression Levels, so those values above may not match for everyone.

Outside of that, comparing pure time between two very different training methodologies is not ideal.

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