Polarized low volume progression levels

Evening, This may have been covered but I cant find the answer.

I’m currently startng week 3 on low volume polarized base and noticed the progression levels are not really moving. On the Endurance sessions I’m always logging them as Easy because they are and on the V02 max im evaluating the session as Moderate.

My question is, is this what’s expected or is something not quite right for me?

Secondly most of the sessions are listing difficulty as Achievable.

My concern is I’m wasting my time and not makng any gains. Hopefully you will tell me I’m not.

Finally Im also adding a Train Now session when I can which I usually end up choosing Endurance or Thresholsld work outs is this the right thing to do?

Ive been using TR 3ish years and think its great but this year I really want to try and make some gains and get over the plateu that i seem to be stuck in where I dont seem to be able to get any better.

I’ll look forward to the responses

Thanks Chris.

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Hmm. I’m on the 3rd week of the Polarized Mid Volume 6-week plan and every ride I’ve done so far has been “productive”. Just a quick example.

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I’m trying out low volume polarized base as well (it seems to work better for me since I go skiing pretty regularly during the winter and my legs can’t handle the load of the SS base plans) and I think the problem is that once you get past endurance level 4 or so there are no more 60/75-minute long endurance workouts (you’ll see that if you use the workout search), but the plan wants to give you a short-ish endurance workout once a week - hence no progression. I think I’m going to get around this by just doing longer (and thus higher workout level) endurance rides. It goes against the “low volume” thing in a way but I have the time and energy for this increase.

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I started this block with “low volume polarized base” but quickly pivoted to “medium volume” on observing the same effect. Aerobic work kinda just requires volume!

It’ll be interesting to see if TR eventually publishes numbers of polarized block outcomes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the message of “start with low volume” doesn’t mesh well with a heavily polarized plan.

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