Question about outdoor workouts

I have recently started using the outdoor workout feature and have been loving it. Recently started a new training block and had a FTP increase. My question is do I need to resync my Garmin for the workouts I have already done if I want to do them again? I.E. Do the target zones automatically update and adjust to the new FTP or do I need to resync after any FTP changes? Thanks!

They don’t adjust automatically. You’ll have to delete the old ones from the head unit and re-sync.



Thanks. I didn’t know that. I thought that the workouts were ‘written’ as a percentage of FTP.

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Do you need to delete them from Garmin Connect also? I’ve noticed I have a list of them showing there, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t on the head unit

No, just delete them from the head unit. In Garmin Connect, they stay scaled correctly to your current FTP, so then they’ll be correct on the head unit after you re-sync.