FTP not updating in Outside workouts already pushed

Not really a software issue, but something to be aware of once your FTP increases (or decreases!) and you have scheduled workouts outside. Since TR pushes 3 days worth of workouts to Garmin (I have a 1030), the two workouts after the ramp test that are “stored” in the device are set to the FTP prior to the recent FTP test. I noticed this when out on the road and the interval levels were lower than what TR said it should be. I assume that deleting the old workouts on the device and then sending them again from TR should solve the discrepancy.

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Did you update your FTP on your Garmin? IIRC all head units (e.g. Garmin, Wahoo, Lyzene, Stages, etc) still need to be updated with new FTP. I haven’t used outside workouts so I could be off base, but I remember it being a process to change FTP in the Garmin ecosystem. Can’t speak to the other platforms.

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More frequent and real-time syncs with Garmin is actually a good idea with AT too… athletes could likely open their calendar the morning-of a workout, receive and accept an adaptation, and not see the workout change on their head unit. Good thought! I’ll run this by the team to see what they can do.

Just for completeness, and I hope @IvyAudrain can confirm, TR push workouts with intervals at set wattage levels. So changing FTP on the Garmin or in Connect will have no effect on workouts. So you would have to re-sync the workout to Garmin after changing ftp in TR. No idea how it works on Wahoo.


Correct. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for clarifying