Question about Ironman like plan, but without swimming

Hi, I’m new around here and I’m thinking about starting using trainerroad. Quick question: is there a plan for Ironman like distances that include running and cycling but no swimming? Or how can you modify an ironman triathlon plan like just skip the swim days without replacing them with anything else?
Thanks a lot!

Below I’ll write a few more info into why I’m looking to skip swimming:
I’m a 44 years old “former” triathlete doing mainly IM distances. My personal best is a 9:25 race, but that was a long time ago, in 2013. After that I kept on running/cycling occasionally, had a kid, and lacked the motivation, and usually preferred to go on vacation with my family over traning hard.
Enter Covid-19, and going on vacation has become pretty difficult (I’m Italian) and so I found myself traning a lot more than the past years but swimming has become offlimits. Also, I prefer to train alone at least until a vaccine program is in place so I want to just run and cycle for time being.

I can highly recommend TrainerRoad, I did my own cycling programming for my first IM distance tri and using TR for the second one I improved a lot.

I just deleted the swim workouts on the calendar as I swim with a group once a week and was happy doing the rest of the programming myself. I’m sure as a 9:25 guy (regardless of when it was) you’ll know what type of swim training is best for you.