Plan Builder Ironman distance, cycling only

Hi, new to TrainerRoad. Want to create a plan for Ironman distance mid August 2021. But cycling only. Best choice? Use plan builder and then delete sessions for swim and run? Or customize from Base, Build, Speciality? My understanding is that if i use plan builder TrainerRoad will select a suitable mix and variation of Base, Build and Speciality. Is that correct. Or, basically, how to use TrainerRoad plans to create a plan for Ironman distance, cycling only? Thx in advance.

I’d take your first option and delete the swim and run workouts. TrainerRoad will build the plan for Iron distance and pacing and you can supplement with your own run/swim/brick workouts.

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Thx! follow-up question. :slight_smile: When using plan builder I am selecting target time for each distance. That make sense. But I also select intensity level. Any idea how that inpact the training plan?

So you select your training load (hours), volume (recommended by the hours you chose) and the experience. The experience is the only one I’m hazy on. I haven’t played around with what choosing a different experience level will give you so hopefully someone else will have some insight on that.

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