Pumpkin donuts!

Well, call me basic (I know a lot of people scoff at the whole pumpkin spice trend), but I love the dunkin pumpkin donuts, had one today at 9am, I’m already hungry, definitely not made to satisfy lol

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Love DD! I grew up in the town next to where it was founded. Ate LOTS of “fat pills” and still do when I travel back east.

If you really love pumpkin flavor, you should come during Half Moon Bay CA during Halloween season. Massive pumpkin growing area with biggest pumpkin competition. And the pumpkin muffins are fantastic! :joy:

I’m sorry! lol I kid, I grew up in the famous whaling city, now that’s something to be ashamed of! I’m in the northern burbs of Boston, so of course we have 2 DD’s in our little town

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