Outlandish Ride Types

I think I found the perfect race for @Nate_Pearson. The Dirty Donut is a 61 mile gravel race with time removed for each donut eatten at a few “donut stops” along the way. They even have a 61 mile tandem bike donut eating division.

What is everyone else’s favorite out of the ordinary ride?


I would own that race without even riding.


Pete and Brandon FTW!

Not a ride but I ran in a beer run in Bend awhile back. 5k (ish) with two stops each mile or so to drink a beer.

Ended up getting 2nd and got heckled a fair amount for that. It was a strange race.

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There used to be a cyclocross race locally where there was a shortcut on the course. If you took the shortcut you had to down a shot of tequila. If you went via the longer loop you got booed by the crowd :grin:


5 minutes per doughnut!! Can you have a negative time?


GTN did an episode on the beer run, quite fun.

Many years ago, before I was a runner, I heard about the Marathon du Medoc…wine stop every mile, and at the finish line…as many oysters as you can eat.


We had the Tour de Donut in Staunton, IL, which was 20-30 miles if I remember correctly. They did results for adjusted and unadjusted time. The guy who ended up winning unadjusted overall was a food challenge guy who ate something like 40 donuts. He ended up with a ridiculously negative time. :joy:

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Was it this fabulous gentleman?

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Not an event, but my tri club does a “scavenger hunt” race every year. It’s a team thing and you have to run around the city following (very) cryptic clues to take photos with landmarks or buy a specific item at a specific coffee shop. It usually turns out to be a pretty close match, as the more competitive among us are not always the smartest. :wink:

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Aren’t all runs beer runs? I got into a bad crowd that does orienteering in the mountains, and it was considered criminal to not drink a beer or some liquor prior to starting AND having at least a couple beers in the pack as well AND a beer cache should be on course somewhere AND post-run beers available while discussing the event afterwards.