My Ultimate Hero!

Y’all can keep Sagan! This dude is the real deal!

I dunno what he’s up to these days but I’ma building a shrine! :smile::pray::doughnut:


47 ears of corn in 12 minutes is incredible

Xtreme carbo loading!

And a 13x Tour winner! Take that, Eddy!

That guy is absolutely hero material. But this guy could win the Tour de Donut on a tricycle…

Professional eating has never really been a thing in Britain but it’s awe inspiring. I wonder having listened to many a take on the podcast if @Nate_Pearson put in the effort to become a professional eater how far he could go.


I looked at his blog. He’s running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks as a tribute to his wife who passed away.

Yup. Dude can devour the doughnuts and the miles. :+1:

”My best Tour de Donut-style bicycle race was the 2017 Donut Derby where I ate 61 donuts over 36 miles” :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut:

The epitome of carving out a niche and racing to your strengths!

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That’s approx. 1,800g carb (50g/mi).
No wonder he won so many races!! :trophy::doughnut:

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I’m going to start making my own gels by putting donuts through a blender and stuffing that into plastic baggies.

Put ‘em on Etsy and I’ll buy dozens!

Do you have an apple fritter flavour yet? :thinking::rofl:

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I want to see him do a one-handed wheelie while eating a donut, then I’ll switch heros. :wink: