Pull Outliers from Training Stress Chart

I have one week where my TSS was 1200 (thanks to the Seattle to Portland Ride), but most of my other weeks top out at around 200-400. Is there a quick way to remove that week from the chart when looking at it so it is easier to see the trend for the rest of the year?

Hey there!

If you would like to exclude that week from your overall TSS chart, here is how you can exclude it:

  1. Find the week in your Calendar
  2. Open up ride details for each ride
  3. Click the three-dot menu (…) and select “Edit Ride”
  4. Unckeck the “TSS” box

That ride will now no longer show up on your TSS chart :slight_smile: You just need to repeat this process for each ride of the week.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!


That works out great. Thanks! My chart is much easier to read now.

Happy to help! :fire:


Appreciate the tip. I knew about the PR exclusion option, but not the same option for TSS.

Killer ways to adjust for oddities. :smiley:

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