Can you follow other athletes on trainerroad similar to strava?

I signed my brother up for trainerroad and he has done a couple of workouts, but I would like to track his progress. Is there a way to do this?

You can create a team and both join it.


Get him to post his TR workouts to Strava.


I somehow accidently set up my phone to upload my TR rides to strava. I’m sure anyone who follows me is quite annoyed with constant trainer rides posting lol.

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Or concerned that they are not training as well.

I don’t upload TR rides to Strava cuz i) trainer workouts just look really out of place on Strava and ii) I don’t want my enemi…fellow cyclists to see the awesome power I’m building! :rofl:

I don’t use Strava because I don’t want my personal information to be public. Please don’t ruin TR!

All my rides are sent to strava by my garmin, either TR or outdoor. I just have my strava account set to private by default then I can just release what I want

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That’s what I do too.

I would like to be able to look my competition (friends) on trainerroad to spy on their progress over the winter

Do the teams thing like someone else said. Strava lost its charm for me after a month or two and discontinued it or really any social media for that matter.

Most of my workouts are automatically posted to strava, I find it motivating seeing my friends training consistently and I hope they feel the same. I have noticed that generally the fast people are the ones who work at it.