Progression Level adjustments after FTP update and AT

I did Eichorn +2 in SSBLV December 6th with an FTP of 220W ( target 2x20m @94%= 207W). Now I’m doing SSBLV and my FTP is 234W. I am getting Eichorn (target 2x20m @90%=211) this week rated as stretch, surely this can’t be right, it’s just 1.9% more intense than something I did long ago?

If you’ve not done any or much SS stuff since the 6th Dec your PL associated with it will decline and it’ll be a stretch relative to it.

The rides suggested by AT doing SSBLV2 (Rose and Tallac -5)

AT looks to be suggesting SS work out with SS PLs of 3.4 &3.5 which without knowing your workout history your SS suggests your SS PL has degraded from 5.8 (Eichorn +2) on the 6th of December. If you’ve been doing workouts in between that and now that of 4.8-5.8 successfully and you think that the degradation is too high contact the TR support.