Progress Indicator Line - SOLVED

Not long ago, I used to be able to “grab” the progress indicator during a workout, and move it forward (to skip an interval) or backward (to repeat an interval) on MacOS.

Today, I found that functionality is no longer available. Also tested on Windows and Android.

Anyone else have this trouble?

I’ve been here about a year and I don’t think that was ever available on the iOS app during my time.

Its on iOS now… unless it’s only in beta. I think you need to be paused to get it to work, but I just pulled up the app and tried it.

I also recall it working way-back-when on Windows, but the last time I tried it there was pre-mobile apps. I think the windows app was still Adobe Air based then.


I’m pretty sure you need to be paused to move the progress line around.


You guys have the right of it. Once the workout is paused, I could move the indictor. Thank you for straightening me out!