Moving time line drop out

hey up guys

been using trainer road with a wahoo kickr for the last year and no problems,but since doing a update on t/r the time scale line that moves across the screen during the training plan keeps dropping out where it never before,so can any one shread any light on this problem

thanks frank

It might be best to send a direct message to with a particular workout listed, so they can troubleshoot specifically.

I’ve not experienced that dropping out. What device are you using to show the workout? Might be something you want to reach out to about. I know some people were seeing the vertical yellow progress line doing weird things recently, so it could be related to that.

its done it with the last two work outs,so no particular work out

it is the yellow vertical progress line,using a garmin ant stick in the same laptop ive been using for the last year,it is a old laptop but been fine until lastest update


Good info. Make sure to include it with your submission to support.


I have the same issue. I dropped off TR for about 3 months and when I came back - same laptop and ant-stick I felt something was wrong and I finally pinned it down last night.

My progress bar appears for 8 seconds, drop out for 3 seconds and then reappears again. This is consistent all through the session.

I will raise a support request

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I’m having this same issue as @John_Hallas

How does the support staff want to handle this issue? Should everyone experiencing this submit a support request or just chime in on this thread stating “me too?”


Quite a few here as well.

i am still getting this problem,ive done everything they said and still it continues :thinking: