Am I missing something in the IOS App

Hi, I have read Chad’s detail about using the “M” key on PC or MAC to switch to Resistance mode in the recovery valleys to stretch and stand. In the IOS app its not so simple. Seems to be buried a few layers deep and the workout pauses while switching. Am I doing it wrong or are there plans to update this SOON??

Seems like adding an “M” or even just an “R” on the workout screen to easily press 1 button to switch into and out might be worthwhile?

Thank you

Sadly, it is buried in both mobile apps. I asked for an easier option, but issues with real estate were mentioned in the past.

I saw comments more recently that might indicate changes in this area may be coming, but nothing specific.

Bummer. This really limits things for me. I tried standing without switching to resistance but that only takes a few seconds to out run the erg, especially in the recovery valleys when I want to stand.

Isn’t the “screen real estate “ already there as Ipad had devices or intensity on the bottom. Just replace devices with the letters.

Nate, Please ?