Processing Workout Image for Rides (Pending and past)

Am I the only one who started seeing this in the past few days/week? All rides have the ‘processing workout’ image vs. the actual workout image on the calendar on web. This occurs for rides i’ve completed (indoor and outdoor) and most future rides that are indoor.

My calendar is fine. Probably worth an email to to get the best answer.

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thanks not coach Chad…

I just checked and the App is good on desktop and mobile, but mobile web (Chrome) is the same as full web (also Chrome).

its either me or chrome :man_shrugging:

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Hey Berto,

That is really strange. I just impersonated your account and everything is showing up correctly when I view your Calendar on Google Chrome.

I would recommend clearing your browser cache to see if that helps. It is strange that it occurs on both mobile and desktop browsers.

If that doesn’t help, definitely shoot us an email at like Chad recommended :+1:.

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email sent, the plot thickens

Incognito mode = same
deleted cookies = now no images and just broken image link problem
tried MS Edge (ewww) = same as above

went back to Chrome on mobile = same as the start

Could you have blocked? Either ad blocker, accidentally blocked in chrome debugger tools (F12 key), or a security firewall/appliance on your internet? If I block that domain all my workouts turn into “processing” like yours. Unblock and they come back.

I am getting a ton of 404 errors on urls like
No idea what these are for, but the calendar seems to work fine without it. Probably not related, but since I’m looking figured I would mention it.

I think this might be it…I was on corp WiFi- I’ll add to the list of things to do

Would you mind reporting this to our Support Team so that we can look into this issue?

After a few days at home, and back at a work site - I can confirm it is some corp wifi/proxy/filtering getting in the way.

That explains web and mobile behaving badly on the same network.

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