All future workouts deleted from Android app calendar, but still show up on website

I recently adjusted the days my rides happen on the website, but when I went to go ride today, every future ride on the Android app was deleted. The calendar on the website still shows all the rides, but that doesn’t do me much good when my trainer and Garmin both connect to my phone app, which shows nothing. What gives? It’s been several hours since I edited it and it still hasn’t properly synced. The fact that these two ways of interacting with TrainerRoad don’t properly talk to each other is stupid. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and that got me absolutely nowhere.

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Email support, don’t think anyone outside the company can help

I’ve got the same issue, both Android and iPad broken. I’ve raised a support ticket

Hey all, we’ve got a fix for this bug deploying right now.


Just letting y’all know I really appreciate the swift response on this. Thank you!

Just got the update for Android and that’s showing correctly again. Just waiting for Apple to release the iOS version as that’s what I really use for my training.

Thanks for the speedy fix :+1: