The calendar on my iPhone web browser not showing

The calendar on my iPhone web browser is not showing. This has only just started tonight.

Are you able to access all the other tabs?
(Career, Plans and such)


The calendar just keeps trying to load but nothing shows

Hmm. Might be worth a direct email to

I’m permanently stuck with this

I assume you have killed and restarted the app?

Closed that page and reloaded?

All the type of restart to clear memory things that might help?

Yep cleared the history etc. It’s the browser calendar

Sounds like you did all the usual resets. I would email support to have a look.

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Further tech problems today as my ride is complete but I’m unable to analyze and it did not upload to strava. I will refresh and try again later.

Hey @GeorgeAnderson, we had an issue earlier today with our main web worker, so we had stopped the database for a quick moment to look into speed issues. The worker has been turned back on, so rides should start processing again, and the site should also be running faster now. Can you tell me if the Calendar loads for you now? If not, please shoot us an email at ASAP so we can get this sorted out for you!

@Fast4fun, it sounds like your ride was affected by the the lag in ride processing. It should be viewable here for ride analysis, can you let me know if it makes it up to Strava? If not, you might need to grab the .FIT file and do a manual upload.