Garmin 530 error

Guys while I wait for Garmin Unhelp desk to circular file my request can I pick your collective wisdom on this. Garmin Express updated the maps on my 530 the other day. Now I am getting a “Cannot unlock maps” message on boot…

Anybody out there farmed this one already?

Never mind I sorted it. I will record it here in case anyone else hits this bump.

FWIW I don’t MTB… no mountains near here nor much in the way of trails. Not that I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

Anyway the update automatically refreshed the Trailforks map. Since I don’t use it I hadn’t authorized the Trailforks maps. So I could have proceeded with the error on the road no bother. Since it was a bit of an irritant I cleared it by registering with Trailforks.
Easiest way to do it was to Open the Connect App while the Edge was connected. On the edge go to Navigation> MTB trails> login. Then follow the dialogs on the App to register. There is an authorization email you have to hit. Then you have to reboot the Edge a few times and log back in to Trailforks and authorize the map…

Alternatively you could disable Trailforks… but I couldn’t work out how.

Still no word for Garmin bless their overworked socks!

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