Garmin Edge 530

I’ve been patiently waiting to buy a new Garmin given all these cool new TR features. Looks like one might be on the way soon.


Get a bolt instead :wink:

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I’d kinda like to try one but I feel so
invested in Garmin that I can’t move on!

I tried a Bolt and was meh, its like my 3+ year old 520 without color screen, no shaped based routing (= Strava routes on 520 have turn-by-turn), no support for radar / light network, and Wahoo doesn’t have its own workout creator. Really couldn’t get excited about Bolt and returned it. Personally I think both the Bolt and (older) 520 are just ho hum GPS bike computers. The 520 Plus is slightly more interesting with full mapping and real turn-by-turn.

Thanks for sharing user manual, a couple new Bluetooth features look mildly interesting. Might pick up the 530 if priced right, using a 20% off coupon at REI or Clever Training.


It’ll be battery life for me as to whether I upgrade from the Bolt. 520 and 520 plus, from the vast vast majority of what I’ve read (especially when I was researching), performed way below stated battery life. So while I would’ve preferred to stay with Garmin, the 520’s just couldn’t compete with what the bolt stated, and have proven to give me, in terms of battery life with HRM/ Power Meter/ Speed Sensor and Navigation all on at the same time.

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I have a 520 Plus and really like it. I upgraded from a 510. 520 Plus has the turn by turn navigation that I really need on gravel rides and the color is nice. Battery has not been an issue. I am running brightness at about 50%. I did a 6 hour gravel ride with course navigation running and phone connected this past Saturday and ended up with about 55% battery left. I don’t think that is too far off Garmin’s claim.


does anyone know what the time is between fcc filings and product releases?

I remain on the fence about the whole wahoo vs garmin thing. I haven’t used navigation (because I don’t have a mapping headunit) but would love to have decent mapping, so that might tip the boat in garmin’s favor, unless wahoo figures out how to do their stuff better. Earlier TR availability for garmin may also be a factor too!

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no Varia support. easy to make a decision and stick to garmin echosystem


Heh, I think I’ve read more of this manual than I have for my own 520 and 935. Lots of functionality I didn’t even know about!

Varia is of no interest to me

is it available for purchase? does anyone have a link?

I meant to say, easy for me to make a decision :grinning:. Garmin has the ability to convert a device that you never thought of being of interest, to something you will never ride without it.


Does the 530 finally allow for the device settings to be configured via Garmin’s app?


Are you doing full days in the saddle? I ride 10+ hrs a week and my 3 year old (battery life diminished from new) 520 lasts a full week without a charge.

would be nice. I don’t configure enough for it to bother me, but for some things it can be annoying to drill-down on bike computer menus (I imagine the Edge 1030 is easier).

That is exactly why i switched to a Bolt. No need to read a manual. Everything is drag and drop.

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Nice find! I’m really happy with my 520+ though so I’ll be in no hurry to upgrade (I also like the 520+ is all black to match my bike :smiley: ).

I’ll agree that I loved the app for configuring the bolt. It worked great except for the terrible navigation and routing. Final straw was the complete and utter lying about varia support. One they finally admitted that they were never going to support it I returned it. Picked up a garmin 1030 bontrager version as they go on sale often at up to 20% off and a varia radar. I love the varia. Even works great in a pack so far. Especially if im in the back the back. Very disappointed in wahoo as a company between my bolt and my clickr core.

I was waiting for a 530 or 830 as I wanted to save money but my old eyes like the screen size of the 1030.

Best of luck no matter what you choose.

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Ray has the 530 and 830 reviews up


Wondering if Wahoo is going to come with a new unit later this year, for now I am still going to wait in getting a Wahoo or Garmin.

I currently use a Garmin FR235 when cycling, not sure if a head unit would change the experience that much for me.
I think it would be more of an value add if I had a power meter on my bike.

  • EDIT:

The mountain bike dynamics feature is actually pretty neat now that I think of it, does the track need to be in Trailforks database or would it work on any track?