Calibrating a TACX FLUX trainer

Just a quick question following recent calibration discussions on the TR Podcast.

I’ve been calibrating my TACX FLUX trainer via the TACX app. Sensible thing to do, or so I thought. This morning my trainer wouldn’t connect to the TR App. I tried everything. Eventually I thought ‘I know what, I’ll try kinda jump starting it’, via a spin down calibration. It worked, hurray!

What I wasn’t expecting to see was that my trainer was 14 points (think it said points?) out of whack. Is this 14 watts or another metric?

I ask because the subsequent workout felt totally different to what I was expecting. Is there a possibility that even though I thought I’d been riding a calibrated trainer, the truth is that I haven’t?

You have to be super careful with the tacx apps. They steal the connection and won’t let go. If you haven’t been exiting properly it’s possible that TR never actually took control of the trainer and you weren’t actually working in ERG mode.

I wouldn’t mind the number overly. Just be consistent in what you do and if the workouts feel undoable do a ramp test to reset everything to the way you are riding today.

I cant solve this problem. I had a connection problem with the app. My Flux was not connected via BT or ANT+. The Beta Version solved the problem. But if it had an impact on the watts? I dont know. I couldnt feel any differences.

I had exactly this early on. Once setup, I completely closed the Tacx app, disconnected the BT connection then all was sorted. I think this is an issue reserved for connection by bluetooth, which I do to my iPhone.

Assuming you have done a calibration before, it is stored in the trainer. It does not get overwritten until the next calibration. Ideally, you do a calibration after about a 10min warmup.

Note, the Tacx utility app is connecting via Bluetooth to the trainer. The trainer cannot pair to more than one device at a time via Bluetooth. If you connect w/your phone, then TR will not be able to pair w/the trainer. Likewise, if your trainer is paired to TR via Bluetooth, you will not be able to use the utility app on your phone.

Always remember to force quit the utility app when you are finished!


Also, the podcast suggests trying to be consistent in the timing of your calibration. So always at (or as close to) the 5 minute, 10 minute mark etc. Coach Chad suggests most workouts have a brief respite prior to the main sets at about 10 minutes which is a convenient time to do it - if you can remember!!

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I calibrate before every ramp test, although the number always seems to be about the same. I don’t understand hem though! Says something like 65523 and offset 65523.5 or something similar.
However I have sometimes calibrated before a workout if I havent done one in a while, and it definitely feels a little harder…

My problem was just the opposite. I was putting out 200+ watts in the first step of the warm up with a cadence in the high 60s. I was just laughing to myself.

Hi, wondering if any of you have issues calibrating Tacx Flux S with trainerroad calibration button. It does NOT work for me if I pair via bluetooth but is flawless via ANT+. Any other users out there experiencing the same?

I have only ever used an ANT+ dongle to connect either my Flux S or Flux 2. Sorry I can’t be more helpful :confused:

I always calibrate via the Tacx app on my phone (and thus through BT). Never needed to do it through TR.