Problem with workout creator


I used workout creator (the software from trainer road) sometimes in order to create my own workouts. However, since this morning, i am not able anymore to sync my workouts from workour creator to trainer road : I can create my workouts on workout creator, but i don’t seen them why I look for them in trainer road (both the soft and the web).
Is this just for me or someone else has the same pb ?

ps : sorry for my englis, i am french with a bad level in english

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Your English is better than my French!

I used workout creator quite a bit, and noticed that it would not sync periodically with TR. On one occasion, I reached out to TR Support and they were able to help me get it rectified.

Other times, I just waited a couple of hours and it seemed to upload eventually.

I’d recommend reaching out to Support.


Making sure you finish the job by ‘Publishing’ the workout is a step sometimes missed!

After going through the steps below, if you still have trouble, please reach out to