Workout Creator file

I have two computers, one for the Kickr and one where Workout Creator is. I have no idea where the workout I created is stored on a W10 machine. A file search did not find it after I hit Publish.
I need to get the workout onto the Kickr computer.

I believe that if you just open TR on the other computer, it will sync and pull the workout down from the cloud

I thought so too, but could not find it :frowning:

See the “Publishing a workout” section:

Once you publish it go to “Workouts” on TR website. Under Custom filter check “Yes” and it should be there. Picture is from a different PC than I created a bunch of workouts on. Somewhat related…TR’s workout creator is a bit more painful to use than TP’s. I only used TR’s version so I could do a PM comparison.

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Thanks! Yesterday it was not there. This morning it was.


It’s a slow cloud.

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