Problem with ANT+ Dropout - Flat-line Readings

Hi TR Team,

Having an issue with TR sometimes “flat-lining” my power, cadence etc. information. Seems like the only way I can fix it is by restarting TR. Unplugging my ANT+ dongle does nothing, as the “on screen” data stays constant and TR reads as if the devices are still connected, even though the dongle is unconnected. Seems like my trainer is still somewhat controlled in ERG by the program, but again it reads flat-line. Seems to occur on workouts longer than 1 hour. Causing some annoyance as I have to stop my workout, restart the program etc. and it is a PITA when I am doing harder workouts (over unders). See below for 2 links to workouts that had this issue.

You can see the first 2 I just restarted the where I left off. The one from today (Carpathian peak) was continued from where I left off after I restarted TR.

Hope you guys can shed some light on this. For reference I run a Tacx Neo Smart with a ANT+ dongle. I do not think there is interference with respect to microwaves or such for these 2, it just happens randomly. Again, unplugging and re-plugging the dongle does nothing and TR reads as if everything is A-OK, except its literally just reading the same value.

Hope you guys can help!

Edit: I still seem to get the resistance on the unit via ERG but it still reads as flat. So I might be pushing like 300 watts on an interval but it will read the flat-line value

Hey there!

For troubleshooting dropouts, our Support Team will be your best resource :slight_smile:

They can take a look at your logs and determine exactly what is happening, and help give you steps to prevent them from happening in the future. You can reach the team at