Anyone having ANT+ issues since Sunday?

Ant+ has not held a signal for longer than 30 seconds and I’m about to break everything and buy new.

Anyone else?!

Edit more deets:
Same setup as always - worked Friday and Saturday no problem

Sunday: smart trainer drops off/on non stop. Sometimes it’s trainer then pm. Sometimes it’s all 3 devices.

Tried different ant+ dongles, removing interference (although nothing changed over the weekend), updated firmware, tr is updated, rebooted pc, replaced batteries.

Next is trying a different pc, then new trainer

Hey Berto!

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been having with ANT+ recently :pensive:

It sounds like you have followed a lot of the major troubleshooting steps, so I’ve asked a Support Agent to reach out to you for further assistance. It’s nighttime here in Reno, but you should hear from them by tomorrow.

Again, I’m really sorry for all of the frustration and we’ll try to make things right as quickly as possible.


Yes, i have.

My Kickr will run in Erg for about a minute and then drop the connection, which is very fustrating.

In the end, i’ve resorted to using my phone and running ANT over that which seems to work fine. Annoying though, because the screen is tiny compared to the TV i have infront of my bike :frowning:

I started having issued today. ERG mode not working, Wahoo kickr is updated, and power drops and TR pauses.

Today ERG just wont work, not sure if this is a new TR update

Start with and see what they can do for you.

Thanks coach Chad - done! It is nice to hear I am not alone (and also makes me hold off on running to LBS to buy a new trainer).

I am not Coach Chad Timmerman.

I am Chad McNeese, just an active forum member.


Chad…with a shield next to it…my bad…just take the promotion and run with it :wink:

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Well, I lead my forum name with my last name on purpose, as a flag that I am not Mr. Timmerman, but it still gets missed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a problem for me, I just try to make sure people realize that I am just a little helper and not the big man from TR officially :smiley: