Powermatch offset

Hi all
Is there a way to Adjust the powermatch by a certain percentage and not a fixed amount? I have a gen1 kickr and P1 pedals and they are about 8% different over the whole power range. As the weather hopefully gets better, I’d prefer to keep the pedals on my outdoor bike. The iOS version of TR that I have allows for a fixed watt offset as far as I can see. Can’t find any similar threads here about this (may not have searched well enough though).

Our PowerMatch feature has two options, you can use the auto or the manual mode. Auto constantly measures the offset between your power meter and Kickr and will adjust the offset in real time. Think of this mode like your power meter readings are controlling your Kickr instead of the Kickr’s power readings. Manual is just a set offset no matter what.

So, I think the mode you are looking for is Auto and it will do what you want. :slight_smile:

You can check out our Help Center article on this here:

Thanks for the reply.
Actually, I’m already using auto powermatch which is fine. I explained my problem wrongly. I’d like to not use powermatch and adjust down the power readings that the software is getting from the kickr by 8%. Sorry for the confusion.