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Hi all
Is there a way to Adjust the powermatch by a certain percentage and not a fixed amount? I have a gen1 kickr and P1 pedals and they are about 8% different over the whole power range. As the weather hopefully gets better, I’d prefer to keep the pedals on my outdoor bike. The iOS version of TR that I have allows for a fixed watt offset as far as I can see. Can’t find any similar threads here about this (may not have searched well enough though).

Our PowerMatch feature has two options, you can use the auto or the manual mode. Auto constantly measures the offset between your power meter and Kickr and will adjust the offset in real time. Think of this mode like your power meter readings are controlling your Kickr instead of the Kickr’s power readings. Manual is just a set offset no matter what.

So, I think the mode you are looking for is Auto and it will do what you want. :slight_smile:

You can check out our Help Center article on this here:

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Thanks for the reply.
Actually, I’m already using auto powermatch which is fine. I explained my problem wrongly. I’d like to not use powermatch and adjust down the power readings that the software is getting from the kickr by 8%. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi ian,
My Kickr and my built-in Power2max have in practice a difference of around 20 watts in my FTP area. I have now discovered your Powermatch function after 8 months :sunglasses:

my question:
should I now connect both devices to the app in the workout? Set Powermatch to AUTO …

have I understood that correctly.

Many greetings


Hey, Dave! If your power has that much of a discrepancy, maybe check in with the support team so they can run through the calibration procedures, hope you check for any firmware updates, and run through any troubleshooting to help mitigate that difference.

You can email them at support@trainerroad.com, or submit a request online!

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@IvyAudrain When you consider drivetrain losses between pedals and the wheel coupled with both pedals and trainer being +/- 2% (and from some of the comments on this forum alone that in itself is a bit optimistic) then being over 5/6% off between the 2 could be quite likely. Having the facility to “scale” the power in a linear fashion to match your main source of data (ie pedals) as opposed to a fixed offset would, I think, be hugely beneficial for people who want to keep the pedal PM’s on their outdoor bike and not keep changing them onto their bike on the trainer if they have a dedicated trainer bike.

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Sure that makes sense. I think the only reason this would be problematic is that the offset between a power meter and a trainer isn’t always consistent. I.E. if your power meter reads 220 watts while your trainer reads 200 watts, that 20 watt difference isn’t always going to be the case. So we can’t always say you’re doing 220 watts when your trainer reads 200 watts. Hope that makes sense!

Yes I agree with you on the the variability of the difference between the two, however having a feature to alter the percentage would enable you to match the two more closely.
For instance Xert has this feature on their iOS App and I’ve found that over a number of rides my trainer reads on average 6% lower than my Assioma Duo pedals. Being able to account for that means that, in my case, I can get the difference between my pedals and the Trainer to +/- 2.5% not -3.5% to -8.5% which would be the case if that facility didn’t exist.

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Thanks but I don’t want to keep taking my power meter pedals on and off the bike every time I want to ride as I’ve got a dedicated bike on the turbo. I really don’t understand why TR doesn’t have something like this. It would appear ( to someone non techy like me) to be relatively easy to implement and I can’t see any downside to it.

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In the article above, a 20 watt difference is also given as an example.

I was irritated with the Powermatch because the performance curve fluctuated a lot. I have now read that a less smooth curve is normal.

Can I compensate for these strong fluctuations with a larger Smooth setting?

Maybe reach out to support so they can check through your software, look for any firmware updates, and dig into your ride logs to make sure new Powermatch is in effect and nothing is amiss!
You can email them at support@trainerroad.com, or submit a request online and they’ll sort you out!

How do you find out what the powermatch offset is? I would like to know the difference between the Saris H3 and my one-sided Assiomo, so I can elect to use the Saris during workouts with one-legged drills., etc Eventually I would also like to understand how far apart two different power meters are by comparing them both to the H3.

So this is tricky. Power offset (and PowerMatch) isn’t like, a ‘set it and forget it’ thing that happens internally. It’s different each ride. In fact, it changes every 8 seconds or so during the ride itself! Some trainers are more consistent than others, but generally, its changing all the time.

If you feel like something is amiss, you can try riding without PowerMatch to see if there is something noticeably off you’d like our help addressing. OR if you’re already there and something is off, feel free to check in with support@trainerroad.com so they can look at your ride log and see if that power offset looks crazy. They’ll gladly help!

Thanks. Nothing was amiss. I was just wondering if I could get a readout of the average power in a workout from both devices, so I can compare the difference. Right now I am having to record workouts in both TR (records powermeter watts) and Zwift (records trainer watts) to compare the two.

There is an open Feature Request for Dual Recording. You can add your +1 and any comments to that thread: