Feature Request: Dual power recording

My bike runs a Stages Left only power meter and I use a Cyclops H1 Smart Trainer. I do my workouts with powermatch. I think it would be nice to be able to display the power from both PM’s. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to compare the data between both PM’s.


Curious why you’d be interested in that? If you’re using powermatch the power of the trainer is largely irrelevant as it’s only providing resistance.

Allows me to compare offset and see if there may be any kind of accuracy issue with one or the other. I do not expect them to be identical but I do want to see that they are off from each other a consistent amount. And since i would know the general offset, if I use a different bike that doesn’t have a PM I can adjust the workout properly to have the same effect. If there is a 4% difference(not unreasonable) between the 2, all of a sudden those 88-94% SS intervals become Tempo.


Do you have a head unit or a watch? Pair the trainer to that for power, and analyze later. Obviously not what you’re asking for, but a reasonable workaround considering implementing it in TR is probably very low priority.

This definitely serves as a viable workaround, though having them both in the same file (can a .fit file have 2 channels for power?) would obviously be ideal. On that note, does anyone have recommendations for comparing power files? I know DCR has a tool that seems like it is probably the best? I have no issue paying for it but before I do wanted to know if there are other alternatives or better methods? Being able to offset the time on one or the other seems important since they may not start perfectly in sync?

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I have assioma uno pedals and the OG Hammer. I just run my garmin separately for my pedal power and just let TR take the Hammer data and control. I can tell you from quite a bit of experience that the hammer is really darn accurate and generally agrees closely with the pedals. Now there have been times when the Hammer reads higher like on vo2 stuff I’ve been doing, where I suspect I’m being more right leg dominant. I know it’s easy to get caught in the ocd of power meter comparison (personal experience lol) but I honestly wouldn’t sweat it too much and know with the hammer you’re getting really consistent performance.

I saw a site called watts.pw that offers free comparison, I tried signing up but I seem to get an error so I’ve never been able to try it for myself.

With a little bit of effort I could probably whip up an alternative, I’ve been coding with cycling data and I can overlay data easily, the part I’d need to work on is just the interface stuff

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Not just you. I have been asking for this feature for years. Yes, I can record on two devices, but getting exact alignment is hard.

Yes, I can use power match, but I am interested in the match/comparison between my multiple power meters on different bikes. My cross bike uses different power meter than my road bike and than my tri bike.

Using my NEO as a comparator for all three to get the spread between them would be useful.

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I use the DC Rainmaker Analyzer all the time. It’s really easy to use and compare a bunch of files (I don’t know the limit but I have done 4 separate .fit files).

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I use Zwift Power or Golden Cheetah to compare (GC is a bit clunkier though). But either way, you would need 2 fit files to compare which doesn’t solve OP issue of wanting dual recording. I run TR using one power device, and either my garmin or running zwift concurrently for the other power device.


I would love this feature. I’ve been chasing an issue with my PowerTap P1 pedals which I think are actually dying and last year I spent ages playing with an Avio Powersense and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t so good with temperature changes. I was using the DCR tool throughout and the way TR create their fit files doesn’t match Wahoo around when workouts are paused, so aligning the files was a pain.

That said, TR shouldn’t implement it! This would be great like I said, but it’s not a thing that’s likely to make me faster, it’s a thing that’s going to simplify my testing somewhat dubious power meters.

I’d like to also say that I’d like this feature as well. I occasionally swap bikes on the trainer as well as my power pedals. Needless to say they have different crank lengths and if I happen to forget to reset that crank length or (as happens more often than I’d like) a Garmin device connects to it and reset the crank length, I can have a week or two of wrong power numbers without realizing it. Dual recording as well as alerting you if there is a significant discrepancy between the two files would help catch that right away, make sure we’re not training too hard or too easy thus…Making us faster!

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Use a garmin or wahoo head unit and then you can see both.


Do u know if my wahoo shows my power from my trainer or my power meter if both are connected

For wahoo I am not sure but if I guess it would depend on which one connects first. If you want to see both use your wahoo for trainer and then use the TR app via power match for the PM

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Yep, I want this feature too. I want to be able to easily compare readings from different power meters to my trainer. This will then allow be to estimate the difference between two different power meters on two different bikes.


does anybody know if this feature is implemented?

It is not.

I’d try the TrainerDay app. It doesn’t dual record but it gives you a live value of how much offset it is currently doing to fulfill the powermatch. This is given as a precise power value and also as a percentage of difference.