Feature request: % based offset for different power sources

I’ve had a look around on the existing desktop version and can see something along these lines for power match. That’s a start. Unfortunately it’s no help unless you run your power meter along side the trainer.
IME power match is quite iffy with a single sided crank based meter. I like the stable nature of erg mode without introducing more variables.

Can we get something that doesn’t require power match, but modifies the power readout of the trainer based on a % offset?

It’s normal for there to be an offset between any crank based PM and the trainer due to drivetrain losses. All the data I’ve logged would suggest the Eagle gear I’m running to be around 2.5% which would be nice to account for in the app.
Please slap me around the ears if I’ve missed a feature that already exists.

This request seems very similar.


Thanks Chad. That’s exactly what I was thinking.
Glad to hear it’s on the radar.

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It sounds like you are using a power meter, in which case maybe manual PowerMatch would be right. I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure I’m right on the details, but it should record the power meter’s numbers but control using the trainer’s erg mode with a fixed wattage offset instead of dynamic adjustment. It’s not the same as a percentage adjustment, but if you figure the fixed offset near your FTP, it might be close enough. (I personally would like to apply manual PowerMatch even if my power meter isn’t present and to be able to apply it as a percentage instead of a fixed offset, but hey.)

I do have one PM. It’s a Stages gen 3 left only.
I’ve used the power match function and offset feature before without much luck. You end up with power that goes a little crazy every time you shift position or grab a drink. Not an issue while I’m riding outside, 10 second power helps in that regard, but a total pain in the backside on the trainer.
Then there’s the bit where your brain starts to learn that pushing slightly harder on the left leg gets you a decent break in resistance. I’m definately much more balanced since ditching the power match.

I also prefer to leave my hardtail mtb on the trainer most of the time and that one doesn’t have a PM. It would be great to set a %based offset using the PM and then just swap bikes as I see fit.

Given the rate of updates to the TR software I have no doubt that the team will come up with something sooner than later. Out of all of the products I’ve used so far this one seems to constantly evolve on an unprecedented scale.
Keep up the great work TR.

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