PowerMatch using 2018 Kickr Snap and 4iiii Precision power meter

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to structured training and using a 2018 kickr snap and 4iiii left sided crank power meter. I am using the power match function but finding that when I am doing threshold intervals the powematch is not giving enough resistance to stick to the power prescribe which is causing me to almost spin out in order to hit the target. Only other option is to shift gears which I thought wasn’t required while in this mode. Power Meter is calibrated before each ride.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Have considered just using erg mode but want the same power source as riding outside.

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One reason why I returned my Snap for a refund. It couldn’t settle down to actual target power before the interval had finished.

Try disabling power match. TR will still display the power from the 4iii but the Snap will do what it thinks is the target power. You might find it settles down a lot quicker. I usually do this with my Hammer and 4iii power meter.

Are you on the small chainring in the front and about the 15tth sprocket in the back? I find this ratio works best for ERG mode.

Thanks will try that I was using the small ring and 15 but found it again it tough to keep power target without spinning at 105+ which is bit taxing as my usual cadence is 90-95

I find this sometimes happens to me (same setup except I use stages) I’ve found that it can be fixed by switching out of erg into another mode and then back again.

How is power is standard mode?

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Thanks I will try that. I haven’t tried in standard mode so not sure. Have only used in erg or erg and powermatch.

I’m surprised no-one has pointed you here yet - Try using the Wahoo app with 3rd party power meter control rather than power match. (I don’t have a Kickr but have been this response several times before)

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Hi -

There is a rather long forum thread on PowerMatch experiences which may help with your particular problem:

For myself, I have a 2017? Kickr snap (version 3) and I use a left side Stages Power meter with TrainerRoad. After experimenting with PowerMatch for a while, I have turned it off as I find the feedback loop too long. In other words, in ERG mode, it takes too long for the trainer to apply resistance to match the target. With PowerMatch, it always feels like I am chasing the power target, leading to a poor user experience.

Instead, I have much better success with turning on the “Control with Ant+ Power Meter” in the Wahoo Fitness app and having the Kickr use the power reading from the power meter. In the TR app, I disable the PowerMatch mode and only pair the PowerMeter for the cadence reading. With this setup, the trainer in much more responsive in ERG mode to power target changes, even with short high-effort intervals.

In a recent YouTube video, Shane Miller highlighted that there is still too much friction/effort on part of the users in getting the various technologies to work nicely together. I probably have seen at least half of dozen posts on TR’s facebook page and forum with issues in getting power meters, trainers and training apps to provide a simple and problem free user experience. Good luck, hopefully with some experimentation and maybe customer support you can get it figured out!


Wahoo’s Control w/ANT+ is not working correctly on my Kickr 2017. It seems like its working, but when I duplicate GPLama’s test you can see 6-10W power difference between Kickr and Stages LR power meter:

I called Wahoo support and reported, they kinda shrugged - I’ll paraphrase, they said Control w/ANT+ is not fully supported as you can only set it using iOS app.

Ugh, that sucks; especially the part about limited support from Wahoo.

I did a test 2 months back where I used the Control w/ANT+ feature and then compared the output over several intervals from 2 different sources (one being the power meter directly and the other the Wahoo trainer which was taking it’s power from the power meter). The average power for each interval was within several watts. It looks like your offset is bigger than that.

I wish we could get all 3 companies into the same room and tell them to figure it out and come up with a recommended solution that works across a wide user base… seems like a lot of effort on our part getting the technologies to work together.


Thanks will look into this option

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I have just set up my 4iiii with the KICKR through Wahoo app to be controlled by ANT+ Power Meter.

Do I understand right that TR will get the 4iiii power measurement through the KICKR connection?

I have also added the power meter to the devices but clicked ‘cadence only’. Is that all right or does it mess it up?

I have a snap and 4iiii left crank only. Paired all of them and made sure snap was set to auto powermatch. Did not click cadence only and works fine for me and get the watts from the 4iiii and snap just follows along.