Adjusting smart trainer power offset

Hello everyone, so I have signed up for trainerroad a few days ago and with my new smart trainer seem to have a problem with the power reading, it’s giving me 20% more power ate any given range of W’s compared with my Fávero assiomas. The short time solution is to up the intensity 20% from my original ftp and work from there, I can’t keep my power pedals on the trainer because I need them on the bike for when I pedal outside. Is there any solution to correct this offset thru the app?
Thank you for your time

No, the TrainerRoad app does not offer any singular power data offset when just a trainer is connected.

They do offer PowerMatch, but that is only relevant when you have both a power meter and smart trainer in use at the same time.

Hi, thanks for the replys. It’s a zycle smart bike, I do like the trainer but the only annoying thing is applying the power numbers later on the road. It can get confusing and when trainerroad gets my outdoor activities the power numbers are going to be off, and so the adaptive training won’t give the correct adaptations

If you don’t want to be swapping the pedals about, the trainer’s own app might have an offset; perhaps the manufacturer or might point you in the right direction