PowerMatch Experiences

@stanleyjack14 use a lower gearing if you are not already. Looks like you are powering around in a high gear and the snap cant reduce resistance any further to compensate.

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The PC version works better for me when it comes to powermatching. I had a long thread with TR directly, sinusoidal issues, etc. Updated TACX FW along with a laptop, better cadence holding (ca. 90 at least 10s prior to interval change) helped a great deal, as well as not being destroyed :wink:

Just reinstalled my Assioma Duos back on my trainer bike and will start experimenting with Powermatch again with my H3. Ramp tested with both (recording separately) last night to see what kind of offset/difference in reading they get and it looked to be a pretty consistent 2%, which is pretty reasonable. I had previously had some issues on picking up on harder efforts but am interested to see what improvements have been made. Please count me in for beta testing!

Count me in for beta testing, having had issues on Android, I moved back to PC version.
Still some inconsistencies in power match…

Power Match didn’t work for me at all.

I tried the following variants:

TR on WIN10 PC:
Vector 3 and Neo2 with ANT +

TR on Android tablet:
Vector 3 and Neo2 with ANT +

I always had drop outs, now I use TR on my Android tablet and Neo2 via BLT, the Vector 3 are connected via ANT+ to my Edge 830, the stupid thing, so I have to handle 2 different FTP’s

But a Beta Test would be interesting!

EDITH: look on my latest tickets!

My advice: stay away from powermatch all together. While in theory nice even when it would work as advertised it is just another phase-locked loop wrecking havoc on your smart trainer (possibly on some trainer models more, on some less, I don’t know). With the results posted by yourself and others here: more fluctuation in power etc.

Just read your normal power meter and have it’s values as the true values (for your training as well as input for your true training analysing plattform and for recording your true training load there). In my case, this is Golden Cheetah.

Simply try to calibrate your trainer to put it into the ballpark of your real powermeter. Such as 1 % or so. But even if it would be 2 or 3 % - no Problem. Just use the Difficulty setting in the TR App to adjust for this. Say, up it to 102 % or lower it to 98%. Way smoother experience and no detrimental effects on your training as additional fluctuations of trainer power can wreck havoc on your ability to complete high intensity intervals.

Happy to be a guinea pig for this beta!

Sign me in for the beta as well.

Hi all,

So i tried a lower gear as suggested above and this seemed to help somewhat. However todays ride was really frustrating and I have 2 main issues.

  • Powermatch seemed to work pretty well when on the ‘overs’ however when it dipped to the unders it seemed to try to hold me 50-20 watts below my target power?

  • Not as large issue but the rest intervals again seem to hold me 50 ish watts below the target?

My set up is assioma uno and Kickr snap.

Appreciate any help on this,

sign me up for the beta, happy to help with testing.

@Nate_Pearson Count me in for testing this beta! I always run on my Windows Laptop!

Using my Assioma Duos & H3 in powermatch there is definitely a lag in the trainer adjusting to large power increases. When It steps up 100+ watts with cadence at +/- 1-2 rpm it can take the system 5-7 seconds to get up to power. With SSB2 next up, I imagine I will have to jump pretty hard to get power up for some of the super short sustained efforts - I haven’t done those workouts with powermatch, only with standard ERG before. Is the new update expected to expedite the trainer’s response time?

If it’s still open, I’d like to give the beta a try!

New power match problem (I think it’s new). Using Ant Plus on the pedals; BT on the Tacx Neo.

When group workout is not the foreground application resistance doesn’t change when the interval changes. It continues locked at the last setting. Making the app foreground will only resume power match after some back pedaling and messing with cadence.

Maybe a silly question, but can you use an external power meter (favero) on a smart trainer in standard/resistance mode? I want the accuracy of the pedals and the silence of the trainer. Have been using dumb trainer (kk road machine) but might upgrade to direct drive trainer.

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Tried Powermatch this week, Tacx Neo2T with Stages, quite like it, set to 3 sec smoothing, works great, just concentrate on the cadence and the power works itself out (I find if I glance out the corner of my eye the power is spot on, as soon as I look fully, no chance :grinning:)

I was concerned because its a left only PM, my race bikes have dual but I’ve noticed of late my 2-3% imbalance has moved from left to right, so I’m happy to leave Powermatch on. (Just no single leg drills😀)

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Just to add another experience to this - had some very interesting/odd results yesterdy during Warlow.

  • Started out with Powermatch on for Assioma Duo pedals controlling Saris H3 trainer
  • During first warmup interval it took the trainer quite a while to come up to resistance (target was around 240W and the first half of the effort the trainer seemed to be set at 220W) Attached is a screen shot of this interval with the first 90s averaged. I know it doesn’t look like it was much below, but it was holding steady at 20+ W under target, which was approaching 10%.
  • After the first warmup, during the recovery before the start of the first interval, target was around 100W and reported power just hung around 140-150W - see second interval screenshot below. Just before the start of the work interval, I decided I wasn’t going to screw with this for the whole workout and turned off Powermatch (you can see at the end of the recovery where power drops to the appropriate target).
  • When analyzing the files recorded with other devices (Pedals recorded in Garmin and Zwift, H3 in TR from first interval onwards) it seems like the H3 was typically reporting within 5% during the work intervals, but majorly off (H3-100W vs Duo-150W) during the rest intervals (see 3rd screenshot). This resulted in massively different Avg Powers for the workout (H3-160W vs Duo-190W) See 4th screenshot.

I would be happy to be a tester this - I am using an Elite Suito and a stages 4iiii left sided meter and have had some issues.

I tried a ramp test experiment today with powermatching and was not really a fan, so I’ll be switching for that most likely. My mental state during a ramp is already too overloaded to see fluctuations of that order when being hammered!