Another power match question

Sorry if this was asked before, I read some of the topics but couldn’t find an answer.

I’m using Assioma Duos and a 2nd gen Kickr, and I always use ERG mode.

Using only the Kickr as the power source, the power curve shown was very smooth (because of the smoothing, I know it’s only for display purposes because power is usually all over the place).

Now it’s not. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Does the software not “smooth” the power when using another power meter? I checked and the power smoothing is still the same (5 seconds).

I also noticed that when dropping the cadence the trainer takes a lot longer to increase the resistance. I suppose that’s normal.

I guess my question is: should I now be paying close attention to the power reading? Because I was just leaving it to the trainer and it was fine.

Hope my question is clear enough!


You are likely getting the Wahoo app smoothing that is unnaturally even. You can turn it off in the Wahoo app, and you will see “real” power.

The difference you see now is that the pedals are giving you more realistic data than the fake smooth Kicker.

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I had no idea the trainer itself reported power already smoothed.

That makes sense.

I was living a lie (but it looked so good haha!)


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Yup, the “Wahoo Kickr” lie :stuck_out_tongue: